Is your site secure?

Does your site have that little green lock on it next to the address line of the browser? Handy Web Guy LLC can get you set up with SSL certification for your website immediately.

You don't need to know a thing about SSL certificates or how to set them up even.
Piece of mind at only $6.25 / month.
** All certificates billed annually.
Save a password once and it is automatically sent to all your devices. PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Visit a website and your username and passwords are entered automatically for you. Protection from security breaches. Creates unique, strong passwords that are different for every site.

Is your site secure?

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Handy Web Guy LLC can handle all your domain needs from registration of new domains to transferring existing ones.
Domains start at only $19.99
Not sure what kind of domain name you should register for yourself or your organization?
We can help you avoid the most common domain registration mistakes.

Once you purchase a domain name you can't change it or get a refund.

We can asssist you in recommending the best fit for your business with the most attractive and powerful domain name.
Domain Assistance

Web Hosting

These features available in every hosting plan!
  • Unlimited emails addresses.
  • Unlimited databases.
  • Unlimited subdomains.
  • Full featured 24/7 control panel:
    • Set up email addresses / forwarding.
    • Create subdomains and addon domains.
    • Webmail.
    • Backups.
    • Autoresponders.
    • FTP accounts.
    • Stats and logs.
    • Hotlink protection.
    • Password protect directories.
    • MYSQL databases.
    • And more!

    Starts at only $6.95 / Month
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Site revamps and makeovers
Let us give your site a fresh coat of paint and brand new tires.

Site not mobile responsive? Get it optimized for viewing on ALL devices.
New custom site creations
Need a brand new site?

We offer Do-It-Yourself or fully customized design. Whatever you need, we can assist or you.

House Calls

Problems with your PC or Mac?

You won't have them after a housecall by your beloved Dr Handy Web Guy.

Examples of housecall services we provide:
  • Migrations from old to new computer systems.
  • Virus / malware / ransomware scans
  • Optimizations and cleanup
  • Other software and operating system issues / concerns
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    (Please note: This service is software only - no hardware repairs, outside of computer cables.)

    Where is your website?

    Handy Web Guy LLC is proud to present our Web Asset Rescue service and we have rescued many clients from loss of control / ownership of their web assets.

    Types of rescue:
    • Simple lost login details.
    • Domain name or website held for ransom.
    • Hacked or compromised sites.
    • Migration from service you are disgruntled or dissatisfied with.
    • Other small to serious access issues
    Get a hold of us today to begin your rescue. Don't give up on your domain or website.


    Get your installation secure now from all types of threats. Types of threats encountered:
    • Ransomeware.
    • Malware.
    • Phishing Attacks.
    • SQL Injection Attacks
    • Cross-Site Scripting
    • Denial-of-Service Attacks
    • Any many more!!

    These can destroy your business within HOURS.

    Handy Web Guy LLC is now a proud reseller of Fortify 24 x 7 security services

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    All Services

    • Domain registration, renewals and transfers.
    • Full featured web hosting.
    • SSL Certificate purchase and complete installation.
    • Domain sales.
    • Website maintenance and design.
    • Website performance audits and optimizations.
    • Revamp and reformat website and content.
    • E-commerce and online stores.
    • Training and instructional videos / media.
    • Social media pages, accounts, galleries and designs.
    • Specialty Custom WP and content management systems.
    • Merchant accounts / payment gateways setup.
    • SEO and marketing.
    • MySQL / Database Integrations.
    • Custom Backend PHP / Javascript Coding.
    • Rescue domains, hosting, websites and other web assets under any kind of conditions / threats.
    • Anti-fraud and malware assistance.
    • Logos, brochures and flyers.
    • File conversions.
    • PC / Mac migration , cleanup and reorganization (Onsite - Local to Seattle)
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    What you get from
    Handy Web Guy LLC

    • Every client gets a 30 minute free consultation. We will discuss how best to develop the web system of your desires and needs.
    • Fast, honest, highly skilled and reliable service with quick and constant communication to client.
    • We anticipate and are proactive on client needs and website features / functions.
    • Want to be billed a "minimum price" if you only need some small changes or services? We don't either! Why pay an hour if you don’t need an hours work?

      ** Handy Web Guy charges only for the work needed. No “minimum hour” pricing. For example, 10 minutes of service is 10 minutes billed!

    • Credit card payments and pay plans are available.
    • Large assorted list of services available.
    • Attractive, striking designs.
    • Over 17 years experience with many recommendations.
    • See our Client Assurance Policy

    Recommendations for Handy Web Guy LLC from our valued clients.

    Facebook Reviews

    Shevette Floyd  recommends Handy Web Guy LLC.

    Excellent service. I highly recommend!!!

    Alan Andrist  recommends Handy Web Guy LLC.
    May 11

    I recommend Handy Web Guy for website recovery, rebuild and improvement assistance. He asks questions, then listens and makes suggestions tailored to your goals. Excellent service, quick of wit and know how to make a website sing to your customers.

    Ben Dorfman  recommends Handy Web Guy LLC.
    May 8

    Percival is the man- I've had a great experience with him helping me build my main website and mobile site for my business plus any web related issues that may arise, he takes care of all of them! Very responsive, down to Earth and personable. I highly recommend him!

    Lisa Baker  recommends Handy Web Guy LLC.
    May 20

    Percival has been a godsend for my piece of mind. I manage a storage facility and handle a considerable amount of personal data. We are also a mailing facility with multiple postage processing programs. Our old computer was showing its age and I bought a new one. I didn't know where to begin. So many intricate moving parts that needed to migrate to the new system, including a specialized storage data base program. Percival worked with their tech support for the delicate data migration. He also worked with me to identify what I needed to be aware for the migration and didn't make me feel silly when I gave him that "deer in the headlights" stare of incomprehension. In a very overwhelming situation he made me feel like I was safely in good hands. His calm friendly demeanor is easy to work and engage with and he explains things in a way that a luddite can understand. His ongoing assistance in the eventual things that pop up and the reassuring feeling I get from knowing he's on the job is beyond value. I would recommend him for anything!

    You know those mosquito-type-annoying things that constantly show up in your email, including tedious tasks about your web presence? That’s the kind of stuff I can shoo off toward Handy Web Guy and he makes them go away. He is responsive, competent and hilarious in an understated way that validates my experience of Web World as both ridiculous and something that can’t be ignored or there can be really aggravating and time-consuming consequences. He makes my job easier and I am eternally grateful.

    Professional, personal and meticulously fabulous preformed services. They handled all our web stuff and we have a lot. Thanks!

    I found PG Carr online when my former webhost held my organization’s domain hostage for no reason. He relentlessly offered us his expertise, undivided attention and support. PG stopped at nothing; going through different avenues and loops in attempt to restore ownership to us. He was very prompt, polite, kind, offered generous advice and was very much an overall professional in his work. Highly recommended and would definitely consult with him again in the future! It’s great to know that there’s still good people out there that look out for your best interests.


    We look forward to hearing from you today.

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