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Handy Ultimate Content Embedder

This plugin can be downloaded here

With this plugin, you will be able to pretty much set up a "Feed" of other content that will help automate your site's contents. Make a change on one blog and it can appear on your other ones. Wooey!

You will be able to retrieve pages and posts from:

- existing pages and posts on your website.
- external wordpress page/post databases.
- external website pages.

Don't want to pull the ENTIRE part of those retrieved pages? No worries.

You will be able to set exactly the sections of content you want retrieved.

Creating sites for mobile devices? Who isn't!? You will also be able to specify tags for content for desktop ONLY or mobile ONLY viewing, so that you can determine what content appears on your devices for ultimate optimization.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, you will also be able to set up search and replace phrases and those can be used as "snippets".

Great so far, but are the tags and options customizable? You bet they are! You can set your own tags and options on a set of submenu pages with instructions on each one.

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This plugin can be downloaded here

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