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The Cogent Advantage – Dedicated Internet Access

Cogent provides Internet connectivity to thousands of businesses across the globe. Whether you are a small business or a multinational corporation, Cogent bandwidth is the right choice. Cogent stands out from competitors by offering dedicated connectivity, fiber-based Ethernet technology, and reliable service backed by local customer support centers and an industry leading Service Level Agreement (SLA). The product set is simple and the installation is fast. Trust your company’s data connectivity to one of the world’s largest and most experienced IP networks.


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Dedicated Connections

A port on the Cogent network is reserved just for you to ensure that you always get a dedicated and direct connection.

Traditional telco and cable services are oversubscribed on the basis that not everyone uses their full bandwidth at the same time.

Cogent’s network is engineered so that all of your bandwidth is available all of the time.

Optical Ethernet

Fiber-based Ethernet has largely replaced legacy data transmission systems in the world’s communication networks.

Cogent was among the first to commercially extend Ethernet over optical fiber directly to business end users.

We offer FastE, GigE and 10GigE speeds to corporate customers in both On-Net and Off-Net locations. IPv6 is available upon request.

Reliable Service

Cogent’s network is Layer 3 protected and built in a series of rings. In the event of a fiber cut, data is rerouted away from the cut, reaching you from the other direction and keeping you connected.

We proactively monitor your service from our Network Operations Centers and answer support calls quickly, averaging fewer than 25 seconds.

Local support teams and online account management are available 24 x 7 x 365. Our SLA is our guarantee for outstanding performance and reliability.

Service Locations and Products

Cogent offers a wide variety of On-Net service locations, including the largest and most prestigious office buildings in North America and hundreds of data centers around the world.

Off-Net services extend our reach to almost any office building in the markets we serve.

Across our global network, Cogent offers a simple product set, allowing us to specialize in providing you bandwidth.

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