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On March 22, 2002, I was laid off from an insurance and surety company in downtown Seattle. I decided at that point that I wanted to start my own company because I wanted a different direction in my career.

I have worked full time ( 16 years, 0 months, 28 days ) since then, without one day ever at another job. Very hard work for sure, but well worth it! In fact I create a self employment resource center at NoJobLikeYourOwn.Com

I joined the Fremont and Rainier Chambers of Commerce in 2008 and over time served as the Secretary of Fremont Chamber and the CO-Vice President of Rainier Chamber. Among the business organizations that I am currently working with or have worked for in the past: MLK Business Association, Aurora Merchants Association of Seattle, Rainier Valley Community Development Fund, SeaBeez Ethnic Media and The Royal Esquire Club.

I continue to seek how to best serve the community through my web platforms custom designed lovingly and painstakingly for each client. Come visit me in West Seattle, give me a call at 206-773-3001 or send an email to Help@HandyWebGuy.Com and I will gladly assist you with your web needs.

About Handy Web Guy LLC


Since 2003, (First as PqHost Internet Services and now as Handy Web Guy LLC) we have been providing web services such as hosting, domain registration and creating custom web sites / platforms. We have worked with all types of organizations.

Our firm belief is that no matter what your organization does, you deserve a web presence that puts your “best foot forward”. A website is your storefront / office on the web and you want your physical location to look it’s best…why not your online services? We look forward to hear from you today.

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